mile high aeration complaints about water restrictions

Despite recent snowfall in the sprint in certain parts of Colorado, most of the State is  experiencing another year of a severe drought that started off this spring in a stage 2 drought condition.  The drought has led to lower snowpack, above-average temperatures and lower reservoir levels.  As a result, the Denver Board of Water Commissioners declared a Stage 2 drought earlier this year, which meant customers will have two assigned watering days effective April 1.  This was recently lifted to a stage one, which allows 3 watering days per week.  The recent restrictions prompted several complaints amongst residents who are wondering what the purpose of our reservoirs serve and where our water actually goes.  Additionally, residents are furious over the laws the prohibit them from capturing rain water or re-using of “graywater” .

“By law, Denver Water customers are not allowed to use bath or laundry water (commonly referred to as graywater) for other purposes. After this water is used once by Denver Water customers, it must return to the South Platte River where it will be used seven or eight times before it gets to Nebraska. Denver Water does not endorse graywater systems.  Regarding rainwater, In 2009, however, the Colorado State Legislature passed two laws that carve out exemptions from the general rule.

Failure to comply with the watering restrictions could result in fines of up to $500 and suspension of service.  Water use enforcement will patrol the city, educating customers and enforcing the rules.  You can report drought violations by calling 311.
The first law says that if you are not served by a domestic water system, such as Denver Water, and you are located in a designated ground water basin or your collection system qualifies as exempt from 37-92-602(1)(g)(I), you are allowed to capture rainwater for household, fire protection, stock watering and irrigation of up to one acre of lawns and gardens as long as it is applied to uses specified in the well permit that applies to your property.

“We’ve never seen conditions like this, and we are concerned about our water supply,” said Jim Lochhead, CEO/manager of Denver Water. “Our reservoirs haven’t been full since July 2011. We need our customers’ help to reduce water use and keep as much water as possible in storage as we move through this year and into the next.”  Denver Water projects that we need to save 16 billion gallons of water in the next 12 months to avoid a Stage 3 drought, which would result in a ban on all outdoor watering.

“Our goal this summer is to ensure water is available for public health and safety, while balancing the quality of life and economic vitality of our community,” Lochhead said. “Last year was dry, and this year has been, too. Ultimately, we need to be prepared for a potentially worsening situation in 2014.”

If you are planning to re-landscape this Spring, you may request an exemption to the watering restrictions for up to 30 days (for newly planted seed) or 21 days (for newly planted sod, trees and other plants).


Aerate and Winterize Your Lawn this Fall

This past summer’s heat was some of the worst ever for lawns here in Colorado. Aeration and fertilization at this time is sure to help, so Mile Hi Aeration is encouraging all customers to winterize their lawns this year! You can aerate and fertilize your lawn with one application by using our liquid aeration with free fertilizer. NOW IS THE TIME! Here are a few lawn tips to prepare your lawn for the winter months:

#1 Gradually start lowering your lawn mower height once the grass growth starts slowing down.

#2 Overseed. The fall provides the ideal conditions for seed germination with the cool nights and mild shorter days. Grass seed is better able to retain moisture in these conditions and seedlings will thrive without the harsh heat that occurs in the summer.

#3 Water. Many people shut off and blow out their sprinklers far too early. You want the grass and plants to be strong going into the winter.

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End of Summer Lawn Aeration tips for Colorado

In several parts of Colorado temperatures have already started their downward descent after record breaking highs this summer. In some areas we are seeing rain more frequently, giving the sense that fall is just around the corner. Fall is one of the best time of the year for lawn care, especially lawn aeration. Lawns that have been in a dormant phase or that are barely growing due to summer heat are now starting to green up, root deeper and spread.

So what’s the best thing for your grass so that your lawns can flourish in the early fall? Most importantly you need to rejuvenate the soil with Mile Hi’s liquid lawn aeration service to help make nutrients more available for grass roots.  We made a video about liquid lawn aeration, so you can see the benefits.  Keep in mind that fall is the best time for over-seeding your lawn to repair summer damage. Whether your lawn is green and growing, or struggling from the Colorado summer heat, fall lawn aeration, fertilization and overseeding are vital for deep root establishment before winter.

For better service, better equipment and better results use Mile Hi Aeration for your fall lawn services.

Fall Lawn Aeration – Denver Colorado


The reason Mile Hi Aeration aerates lawns is to strengthen the grass plant over time to withstand the harsh seasonal conditions unique to Colorado.  This includes the record high summer temperatures and the frequent winter grass mold.  NOW IS THE TIME!

MILE HI AERATION GUARANTEES THE DEEPEST PLUGS because we have superior custom built equipment that nobody else can match and it simply does a much better job.  THE DIFFERENCE IS NIGHT AND DAY.  MILE HI AERATION ALSO GUARANTEES THE LOWEST PRICE in town and offers superior seed and fertilizer products.

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Mile High–Best Equipment makes a huge difference

The marketing and management of this customer service based booking agency is unsurpassed.  Mile Hi Aeration was able to develop a reputation of excellent customer service and amazing results.  For over 20 years Mile Hi Aeration has developed a ground up approach to taking care of it’s customers and as history shows, we know this model works.

This BBB Accredited member should continue to grow and prosper into the future with it’s rock solid foundation.  Keep up the good work Mile Hi.  The Denver Metro Area appreciates your dedication to your craft and desire for constant improvement.

BBB A rating – Mile High Lawn Aeration, Accredited member, Zero Unresolved Complaints

Mile High Lawn Aeration has a standing company policy that is truly the foundation of this great company.  “Take care of the customers who take care of Mile High”.  Mile Hi Aeration has many thousands of repeat satisfied customers in  the Denver Metro Area and works with the Denver Boulder Better Business Bureau to ensure that every issue is resolved.  You cannot build a truly amazing rock solid company like Mile Hi Aeration without customer service satisfaction being job #1.

Florian McCann, the owner of Mile High Aeration has always instructed his top notch customer service representatives to take care of the consumer regardless of profit or loss.  This model has worked and is the reason that Mile High Lawn Aeration is the standard in it’s industry, unlike any other company.  It is also the reason that Mile Hi Aeration enjoys being an accredited member of the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau with Zero Unresolved complaints and is very proud to be growing in these troubled economic times.

Mile High Aeration has done it right.  Start with a philosophy of excellent customer service, provide expertise and a passion for your service to your valued customers, do enough volume to keep your prices the lowest in town and then just go do a better job than anyone could ever expect.

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Florian McCann–Mile High Lawn Aeration beats competitors by a Mile

Mile Hi Lawn Aeration has been aerating lawns in Colorado and the Denver area since 1987.  During that time, Mile High Aeration tried several different types of aeration equipment only to realize that there is no machine that can be purchased from anybody that could produce the deep plug results that Mile High Aeration expects.  So, over the last 10-15 years, Mile Hi Lawn Aeration has built custom aeration machines that are not available for purchase.  The expertise that Florian McCann has devoted to this lifelong project shows his passion for the lawn and garden industry in the Denver Metro area and throughout Colorado.

Not all lawn aeration is the same, not even close.  This is why tens of thousands of homeowners in the Mile High City do business with Mile Hi Aeration.  The guaranteed deepest plugs in town slogan is very simple:  Mile Hi Aeration guarantees that it will pull a deeper plug on any lawn on any given day with it’s custom deep plug lawn aeration machines than literally any other company can or will.  If a homeowner can find somebody to pull a deeper plug, the Mile Hi aeration is free.  I can tell you that so far, it has never happened.  Mile Hi aeration machines are heavier, they are built with different materials and maintained in such a way that they can never be compromised which is what enables Mile High Aeration to stand by and defend it’s guarantee.

Mile Hi Liquid Lawn Aeration is another example of Florian McCann’s constant pursuit of improvment and being able to pass this excellent service on to his many thousands of loyal results oriented repeat customers.  The beauty of Mile High Liquid Lawn Aeration besides no messy plugs is the fact that Mr. McCann can add a variety of fertilizers and wetting agents to create the perfect cocktail or lawn tonic for your precious lawn in the Denver area.  If you really care about your grass and want to get the true value of your dollar, take advantage of the Mile Hi guarantee which states that not only will Mile Hi aeration do a better job, but it will meet or beat anybody’s price as well.   Why would anybody use a different company than Mile Hi Aeration?  They do it right.

Florian McCann – Mile High Aeration update on Liquid Lawn Aeration

The Spring and Summer seasons of calendar year 2012 has been unprecedented in Colorado.  The hot, dry weather has your lawn, trees and shrubs begging for a drink.  For most of you who aerate religiously Spring and Fall, your lawn is well equipped to fight these drought conditions.  Many homeowners and grass lovers don’t realize that the deep plug lawn aeration as well as the very popular liquid lawn aeration that Mile Hi provides on a regular basis is not only for the immediate benefit to your precious lawn, but it’s primary purpose is to make your grass plant stronger each time, therefore preparing it for the beating it will take in the brutal hot summer months.  Some homeowners think that if their lawn looks dry or thin, they need to aerate.  On the other hand, these same homeowners think that if their lawn looks plush, thick and healthy they don’t need to aerate.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  You can never aerate too much.  let me repeat, there is no such thing as aerating your lawn too much or over aerating.   No such thing.  Lawn aeration is so inexpensive and the benefits are plentiful.    Taking care of Kentucky blue grass in Colorado is pretty simple if you do these few things: 1) Aerate and fertilize at least every spring and fall.  2)  Raise your blade on your lawn mower and mow often, at least once a week.  3)  It is better to water your lawn for a longer period of time per zone every three days than it is to water every day for a shorter time. Tip: The reason for this is if you soak your lawn, the water goes deeper, during the off watering days, your roots will chase that water, thereby growing stronger and deeper.  Florian McCann will have many tips and answers to common questions that have been acquired over more than 20 years of exploring his passion.  If you have a lawn in the Mile Hi City, always use Mile Hi Lawn Aeration and fertilizer.  Mile Hi Aeration does a better job because of better equipment that pulls a deeper plug guaranteed.  Additionally, they have better seed and fertilizer products and will meet or beat any price on it’s products or services.  Why would anybody use any other company?

Mile High Aeration Tip- Colorado Lawn Care in Hot, Dry, Summer Conditions

Colorado lawn care can be challenging, especially this year where we have record temperatures that have far exceeded lawn care standards.  Here are some tips to help you and your lawn survive the scorching temperatures of 2012.


Watering your lawn too much can be as harmful as not watering it often enough.   In hotter temperatures like we are experiencing now, we have found the best results for watering are early in the morning, before the soil and air heat up. Watering during mid-afternoon is a waste due to evaporation from the heat, long before water penetrates your root system.  Late afternoon watering can prompt the growth of fungus and other diseases that can damage your lawn. You can also water between 10pm and midnight as this time zone tends to have the lightest winds and the ground temperature has cooled significantly.

How to water

Most consumers make the mistake of assuming that long watering times will result in good ground saturation.  While ultimately true after a certain amount of time, you wind up wasting a lot of water in the process.  In dry climates, such as Colorado,  it is more effective to set your sprinklers to run for about 10 minutes, shut off and then after a 10 minute break, resume watering again for another 10 minutes.  This gradual process allows soaking, while preventing run-off from excessive watering, allowing the roots to fully absorb the water quickly.

A sure way to watch for lawn dehydration is to walk on your grass and see how it reacts after you step on it.  A sign of dehydration from your grass is wilting and compressing after you step on it.  Healthy grass will spring back to its original shape.

Be sure to call us if you need help!  303-778-1000

Mile High Aeration – Denver’s Best with “A” Rating from the BBB!

Mile Hi Aeration is Proud to announce our A rating with the BBB in Denver, Colorado!   We get several questions about the benefit of Lawn Aeration.  Here are some answers:

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Lawn Aeration in Colorado allows immediate penetration into your root system to promote healthy root management and growth of your turf.  It is also a good idea to over seed and fertilize at the time of aeration to achieve the best results.

What does it cost?

Typical yard Aeration can cost anywhere from $39.00 up to $118.00 depending on what services you wish to add.  Typically we try to gives discounts on all additional services when we are in the neighborhood.   We understand lawns are all different sizes but we try to offer the same price regardless of lawn size.

Call us for a quote on any service 303-778-1000