Mile High Aeration – Denver’s Best with “A” Rating from the BBB!

Mile Hi Aeration is Proud to announce our A rating with the BBB in Denver, Colorado!   We get several questions about the benefit of Lawn Aeration.  Here are some answers:

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Lawn Aeration in Colorado allows immediate penetration into your root system to promote healthy root management and growth of your turf.  It is also a good idea to over seed and fertilize at the time of aeration to achieve the best results.

What does it cost?

Typical yard Aeration can cost anywhere from $39.00 up to $118.00 depending on what services you wish to add.  Typically we try to gives discounts on all additional services when we are in the neighborhood.   We understand lawns are all different sizes but we try to offer the same price regardless of lawn size.

Call us for a quote on any service 303-778-1000

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